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Automatic Gates

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Automatic gates come in all types and styles. Sliding gates, Swinging gates, Boom gates and Cantilever gates.  

We specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Most common brands we install are BFT, Automatic Technology Australia (ATA), Arco, ECA and Gate Drive Systems Australia.

McGovern Agencies do no fabricate gates, but we work closely with most gate and fencing fabricators in Townsville. The gate motor installation is a specialist field and a poor installation will compromise your security.

Contact us and we will advise the best solution for your home or business. All these options can be opened by remote control, proximity swipe cards, code pads, key switches or even your mobile telephone.

Installation Tip

When installing an automatic gate motor in you house, we recommend integrating the system with the garage door opener. Most modern garage door remote controls have multiple buttons. We can program the system so that one button opens the gate and another button opens the garage door. Simple for us to do, and convenient for you.

Sliding Gates

Need help installing a sliding gate or choosing what kind of rollers you will use? Check out helpful Guides below.

Slidinggateinstallguidethumbnail typesofrollersthumbpail
DOWNLOAD our Sliding Gate Motor Installation Guide DOWNLOAD our Types of Gate Rollers Guide
DOWNLOAD our Gate Measurements Guide DOWNLOAD our Sliding Gate Checklist (Price List)

Having troubles with installing and programing the BFT Deimos Ultra Motor? Check out our Installation and Programing Cheat Sheet, written by one of our specialist technicians.

DOWNLOAD our Deimos Motor Installation and Programming Guide

Have more questions? Still need more help? Give us a call on 4779 1740, or visit our interactive showroom and speak with a technician at 1/324 Bayswater Road, Garbutt.

Swinging Gates

Not sure what type of arm to use for your gate?

For articulated arms you need approximately 550mm clearance behind the motor, to allow the arm room to move. (Note: This measurement is for most gates from 2M-5M long).


If you are lacking space, you should consider a piston arm. This type of arm is much more space efficient, and is also suitable for gates from 2M-5M in length.


Need more information, or thinking about doing it yourself?