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Help Keep Your Family Safe with our Ness Alarms! 

We specialise in Ness, Valet and Clipsal security system repairs.

McGovern Agencies have been supplying and installing the Ness i8 Panel and i16 Panel navigator security systems for over 26 years and they provide the user with unrivaled ease of use. The system is self explanatory operation guides provide you with plain English displays and intuitive touch screen operation.  The control panels with dialler are among the most versatile and powerful panels available on the market.

The Navigator is a revolutionary touch screen. It has a 3.5″ colour LCD keypad which is easy to read, easy to use and makes operating your Alarm system a real pleasure. The navigator keypad can tell you much more than a conventional keypad can. It makes it easy to view all your zones with your own text descriptions, get help and prompts for arming, disarming, operating outputs, emergency alarms and more.

The security panels have a digital dialler which can send detailed alarm messages to a central monitoring station.  The digital messages can include information about the zone or zones which caused the alarm, tamper alarms, low battery or mains failure reports, and it can also (by user number) identify the users who arm and disarm the system.  Central station monitoring is highly recommended and is the most effective method of monitoring your alarm system.  McGovern Agencies looks after all your monitoring needs 24/7  365 days of the year. Ask us about our monitoring costs.  For all your security needs please contact us.

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