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Intercom Systems

Want to hear and see who is knocking at your front door or gate?

McGovern Agencies has a variety of intercoms for whatever application you require. We have audio only & Video. Our Valet System One brings you the best in multi-station intercom technology with front door answering, room-to-room calling, video front door station options, AM/FM radio or DAB + digital radio options and a choice of music sources to all rooms. With our on screen menu and intuitive operation our compact master station makes the system a pleasure to use and a delight to own in any home.  As well as showing you who is at the front door our master station can even display other videos sources such as CCTV cameras or TV from your set top box.

Other Features Include:

  • Crisp and clear sound quality
  • Communication to and from all other room stations
  • Communication to and from door stations
  • Door/Gate release (option)
  • Choice of 10 programmable door chimes
  • Hands free reply from all stations
  • Child Monitoring Function
  • Video Colour Picture

McGovern Agencies also specialise in repairs and installation of the full multi- tenancy intercom systems. We are market leaders in repairs and maintenance of video and audio only intercom systems.  Intercoms can be installed in old and new buildings utilising the existing telephone cables and/or mobile telephones. We are most familiar with the Valet, Aiphone, Urmet and ICentral intercom systems.

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