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Don’t let this happen to you!


The Garage Door is often the most used entry to your house. When do you use your front door, other than for guests?

This is why it is so important to make sure your Garage Door is serviced regularly and is in good working condition; not only to make sure it doesn’t malfunction on your car, but to keep your entry to the house accessible and secure.

A faulty Garage Door makes a thief’s job that much easier. Failure of the garage door results in the integrity of the house being compromised.

We sell, install, repair and maintain all types of garage doors including roller doors, panel doors and tilt-a-doors.

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Repairs / Servicing and DIY Repairs

McGovern Agencies garage door department offers a unique personalised service.   Our mobile service technician has a fully equipped service vehicle which includes an extensive inventory of spare parts from tension springs and motors to remote controls and hinges.

An unserviced Garage Door is a safety hazard and security issue. Don’t let your garage door look like any of these doors.

We carry a large range of spare parts in our office for a DIY repair.

DIY TIP: Each Garage Door hinge is numbered, i.e. hinge 1, hinge 2, hinge 3, hinge 4. Check the number on the hinge to make sure you are purchasing the right hinge for your job.


Supply and Installation, and DIY Installation

Thinking about getting a Garage Door, but not sure if you can afford it? Check out our Garage Door Price Index for a rough price for supply only or supply and install.

DOWNLOAD our Garage Door Price Index


We do not make Garage Doors ourselves, but we are agents for B&D Australia Garage Doors, who offer a full range of styles and colours to suit your requirements. Check out their WEBSITE for their full range of custom products.
We are also agents for Automatic technology Australia (ATA) garage door openers to suit roller doors, panel doors and tilt-a-doors. These are provided with up to five (5) years warranty on some models. Check out their WEBSITE for more information.


Throw Away Your Remote Control

Ever wish you could ditch your Garage Door Remote? Well not you can!

With the ATA Garage Door App, you can lift, lower, and stop your Garage Door from your  smart phone, and even receive a push notification when it has completed. See how below.