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McGovern Agencies are the high quality air-conditioning technical specialists who have the expertise to design, supply and install air-conditioning systems in Townsville and its surrounding areas, ensuring comfort for both domestic residential and commercial business customers. Our ability to provide solutions to specific needs sets McGovern Agencies apart as Townsville air-conditioning installers. Our expertise ensures high quality installations of either split or ducted systems, in residential and commercial environments, providing climate control that is as flexible and customisable as the client needs it to be.

Split systems are used to provide chilled air to a specific location and work using two sections; one indoors to deliver the cool air and the other external to collect and condense the air that is delivered. McGovern Agencies will always provide the customer with the most efficient installation solution, whether that is a simple back to back or more complex arrangement that delivers air from the outdoor location to the indoor outlet some distance away.

Ducted systems are generally used to provide climate control to entire households. The compressor unit is hidden away in the ceiling, and McGovern Agencies can provide the ability to specifically control each room of the house, set daytime and night-time default temperatures and more. Townsville households and businesses are in good hands when McGovern Agencies are there to address their air-conditioning installation and servicing needs

McGovern Agencies are the specialist dealers for MDV air conditioners in Townsville.  Although they may not be one of the popular “brand names” in air conditioning,MDV are definitely one of the best in the industry.  If you’d like to know more take a look at the links below or contact our office!

Visit The MDV Website

Do you need advice with the air-conditioning requirements that would best suit your needs? Come in today to our interactive showroom for ideas and advice…or alternatively have a chat about your needs by phoning our friendly team on Phone: (07) 4779 1740. If time is your enemy, email us with what you require at and we’ll make contact with you as soon as possible.